The Problem With Pain

I hate pain. I hate seeing people in pain. I hate causing pain. I hate pain. Many of us use it as a way to remove God from reality. It fuels the flame of doubt and sometimes undermines the believer’s faith. I know I have a few times. C.S. Lewis has a book titled The Problem … Continue reading The Problem With Pain


I am Unashamed: A Third Wind

Do you ever get that feeling where you're about to quit because you cannot go any further and suddenly you find the strength to go further than you ever have before? For example, I used to play tennis and football with friends and I would always tire out before everyone else but when the end … Continue reading I am Unashamed: A Third Wind

It’s About Time: My Favorite Time of the Year

Hello world, As you can assume I have made a blog. Why you ask? Well to put it shortly, I have waited too long to share my experiences and beliefs in fear because of how other people would judge me or mock me. I have struggled my entire life with wanting to be perfect for … Continue reading It’s About Time: My Favorite Time of the Year